Du’a on Laylatul Qadr.



Ya Rabb!

Let the Heavens and Earth bear witness: There is no power or strength save with You.

In this month that You have sanctified, upon this night your Messenger informed us of, we beseech You for your clemency.

No sincere plea escapes you; from the depths of the ocean, from the belly of the whale Still reached You the cries of Yunus.

So let our lamentations be heard, for truly we also have wronged ourselves.

Like our father before us, in vain was our rebelliousness.

In abjection our darkened foreheads fall prostrate before You.

In abasement we raise our hands up towards You.

For if You do not have mercy upon us and forgive us, then surely we are of the losers!

Yet to this eternal hope we cling: Verily, my Mercy prevails over my Wrath.

Cleanse the stains from our souls. Wipe clean our slate of iniquity.

Let not the Rejected One sway our hearts with his beguiling whispers;

Grant us the strength, as You did your Friend, to banish him with taqwa’s formidable rocks.

In our living and in our dying let yours be the only name we invoke.

Infuse our hearts with love of al-Mustafa, whose coming was foretold of old; plant our feet in his footsteps, upon the straight path.

Bless him and and his family as You blessed Ibrahim and his family for verily You are all Praiseworthy and all Glorious.

Ya Rabb!

Grant succour to the downtrodden and oppressed; to those whose only crime was that they said La ilaha ilallah. Restrain the hands of their abusers, make useless all their stratagems. Ameen.

Save us from the oppression of the disbelievers. Free us from their yolk. Give victory to the righteous, that You alone may be worshipped upon the Earth. Ameen.

Ya Rabb!

There is no power or strength save with You. You alone we invoke for aid. You alone we invoke for protection.

Ya Rabb!

Destroy every tyrant and oppressor! Ameen.
Hasten the day of their downfall! Ameen.
Cover them in ignominy and shame! Ameen.

We detest them as they detest us. We wish rid of them as they wish rid of us. We curse them as they curse us. Count us not from them and them not from us! Ameen

Accursed be the Saudi tyrant, Bin Salman! Ameen.
Accursed be the Egyptian tyrant, Sisi! Ameen.
Accursed be the Syrian tyrant, Assad! Ameen.
Accursed be the Iraqi tyrant, Abdul-Mahdi! Ameen.
Accursed be the Burmese tyrant, Aung San Suu Kyi! Ameen.
Accursed be the Chinese tyrant, Xi Jinping! Ameen.
Accursed be the Zionist tyrant, Netenyahu! Ameen.

Accursed be the Indian tryant, Modi! Ameen.

Accursed be all who aid and abet them! Ameen.

Let them not die except as witnesses that your promise to the believers is always true and the promises of their lord is forever false.  Ameen.

Ya Rabb!

Grant victory to the Ummah of Muhammad! Ameen.
Grant victory to the Mujahideen and plant their feet firm! Ameen.
Hasten the return of the Khilafah upon the way of the Prophethood! Ameen.

Ya ar-Rahman!
Ya ar-Raheem!
Ya ar-Razzaq!
Ya al-Khabir!
Ya al-Basir!
Ya al-Hakim!
Ya al-Malik!
Ya al-Azeez!
Ya al-Jabbar!

Ya Allah!


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