Nick Cohen looks weird. I don’t like him either.


Loath as I usually am to engage with anything issuing from Nick Cohen’s quiver, tonight I couldn’t resist taking a few minutes to chuckle at his latest ramblings:

He starts:

“Suppose you were a white supremacist who wanted to keep Muslim children down. Or suppose you were a Machiavellian middle-class parent, who wanted to handicap the competition your child would face when the race for university places began. In either case, you would be delighted by what is happening at St Stephen’s primary school in Newham.”

Actually you’d probably still be too elated over arch neo-con Michael Gove’s (Celsius 7/7) ruining of several outstanding schools in the Muslim majority wards of Birmingham to care about a reversed hijab ban. All on the pretext of an anonymous letter detailing hoax allegations (as established by subsequent investigation). Oh and you’d also likely be an avid reader of Douglas Murray, Melanie Philipps…and Nick Cohen.

“Despite having an intake of poor children from Pakistani and African families, the head Neena Lall and chair of the governors Arif Qawi transformed it into one of the best state primaries in England. Now it is falling apart.”

If you want to read about how failing schools were transformed into centres of academic excellence only to then be destroyed and returned to failing status and for no other reason than neo-conservative hatred for even the faintest semblance of Muslim identity then read this Guardian piece on the Trojan Hoax scandal:

“Qawi resigned last week. Lall faces angry parents, mosque leaders, and activists whipped up by the clerical agitators in MEND, tonight.”

Qawi spoke of “crucifying unholy bastards” and of waging a “crusade” against Islamic orthodoxy. Not really the type of behaviour befitting of any school governor let alone one with a large number of Muslim pupils.

“Qawi, a Muslim philanthropist, has been accused of being an ‘Islamophobe’… Qawi studied the Koran with Ken Livingstone’s friend the reactionary Egyptian cleric, Yusuf al-Qaradawi before rebelling against religious conservatism. He can beat any imam you chose to throw against him in theological argument without breaking into a sweat.”

Qawi has a Muslim name but hates conservative Islam ergo he’s Superman, Batman and He-Man all rolled into one – understood. Reminds me of Cohen’s adoption of the Jihadist penitent Hassan Butt. Up until his pet Muslim was exposed as a fantasist.

“But, it argued, there was every difference between adult women making a decision of their own volition, and highly conservative religious authorities enforcing their dogmas on children.”

Except those “highly conservative religious authorities” happened to be their parents. And unless we’ve reached the point of state abduction and indoctrination of children (Britishnisation) then I believe parents have the right to “enforce” their dogma on their children. I mean just ask the Jewish kids of Stamford Hill, Nick – many of whom languish in unfit illegal religious schools.

“St Stephen’s may be in the East End but it is just a few miles away from the wealth of central London and the City. The school was ambitious. It did not see why working-class girls should not aspire to work somewhere better than Aldi.”

Ah of course. How do Nick and his current pet “Muslim” Maajid Nawaz like to put it…”the poverty of low expectations”. Hijab = Aldi worker (I hope Aldi feel suitably insulted by the way). Got it.

While it may surprise some I actually have a degree of sympathy for this view. It is hard to succeed when there are Islamophobic men like Nick Cohen blighting the workplace but then when confronted by hate, as I’m sure Nick himself would agree, the answer is not to cave in to the haters but to stand firm and force them to back down. Standing up to nasty men is what female empowerment is all about after all, hey Nick?

For Nick’s feeling apropos the hijab one can ask Yvonne Ridley who as a sans hijab absinthe sipping non-Muslim used to be his pal. Fast forward a short period of time and as a hijab clad non-drinking Muslim woman Nick suddenly developed an apoplectic aversion to the sight of her. You can read about just how toxic Islam (the non-Maajid Nawaz type practised by 99.999% of Muslims) can be to a friendship with Nick here:

“They fell asleep or went into dizzy spells when they were meant to be studying.”

Except they didn’t. Nick just threw that in there to spice things up. To make you truly appreciate just how nasty those Islamist/conservative/orthodox/non-reformed Muslims really are. The kids need sparing from them. They really do.

“For it has been left on its own. Labour-controlled Newham Council found the choice between defending teachers and the education of children, and upsetting agitators and clerics who can shift block votes, no choice at all.”

Ah, again, the poverty of low expectations. Because that’s how those ethnics, those South Asian and African immigrants, behave. They can’t think for themselves. They’re far too primitive for that. They all just blindly follow the mullah. And because of that we must assume responsibility for the upbringing of their offspring. It’s a tough job, granted, but like our Victorian ancestors one we must not shirk. To bring civilisation to the darkies – well their under 8s at any rate.

“The Department for Education cannot be bothered to fight.”

Not to worry, Nick, Ofsted have got this one. Amanda Spielman’s stormtroopers will soon be interrogating any young girl with the temerity to defy your (il)liberal sensitivities. Rest easy, son and don’t have that heart attack just yet.

“I could go off on a rant about the sexist and racist double standards of British society.”

Going off on a rant would be so unlike you, Nick. Please don’t.

“People at the school I have spoken to are close to giving up.”

Arif Qawi and Neena Lall then?

“Like many liberal Muslims I know, they wonder what the point of all their efforts has been.”

A jet set lifestyle living off other’s expense? (Maajid Nawaz) Or getting jobs for which you are patently unqualified? (Iram Ramzan)

“Muslims who make a success of their lives are withdrawing now”

Well my alma mater is in the top 10 in the world. I have experienced the “wealth of central London and the City”. And I’m far from alone, Nick. But you know what? We’re still religious zealots and parochial fanatics. So “Boo Sucks To You Nick!” [Blackadder Goes Forth before you ask].

“No smart girls from St Stephen’s will be challenging their children for jobs and university places.”

Oh but they will, Nick just as many other hijabi clad girls already are. And bigots and haters like you will just have to learn to live with that. Or have a heart attack, keel over and die –  I’m really not that bothered which.

Anyway, as a parting piece of advice may I suggest to Nick, seeing as he’s rediscovered his Jewishness (, that he help his own community out before worrying about our kids (as touching a gesture as that is). Here’s a sample of what he’ll be up against: – One ex-student of illegal Charedi schools, now in his 20s and outside the community, told Newsnight: “I’m starting to study for my GCSEs. I’m maybe like an eight-year-old, nine-year-old. That’s my level of education.”

Good luck, Nick and don’t forget to keep us posted via The Guardian and Spectator.

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  1. Hassan says:

    MashaAllah. Excellent take down of this creeps bigoted and hypocritical views. Rightfully exposed for the Muslim hating scum that he is.

  2. Lenna says:

    The title. LOL 🙂

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