Islam’s Non-Believers

Note: I’m currently only writing very short comments on the blog as my spare time is almost non-existent.

“Islam’s Non-Believers” was first aired on ITV on Thursday 13 Oct at 10.40pm.

The objective of Ms. Deeyah Khan’s “documentary” should have been abundantly obvious to any Muslim activist worth his salt. Quite why any sane Muslim would want to appear on it is beyond me and I’m sure most invitees would have declined Ms Khan’s requests. However, there’s always one. One who supposes himself smarter than the rest, who believes, by virtue of his superior intellect, that he will succeed despite the odds, triumphantly “exposing” the opposition’s insidious manoeuvrings. Enter Dr El Hamdoon. He has previously appeared on one of Jonathan Ware’s infamous smear pieces (though to be fair on that occasion his performance was credible) and so I can only surmise he thought he’d give it a go again. Unfortunately this time his luck didn’t hold out. By taking part Dr El Hamdoon afforded Ms Khan and her supporting atheist galère the opportunity to claim her one sided tendentious drama as a piece of balanced investigative reporting. His complaint that the tiny segment of the two hour interview Ms Khan conducted with him which made it into the final cut showed him bearing an unusually rident expression was almost criminal in its naivety. What did he expect? That Ms Khan was genuinely interested in his views and wished to accurately convey them to her audience? To give the doctor his due, he is a man of undoubted learning and an articulate speaker who does much good for the Muslim community; in this case though his judgement clearly fell short.

I’ve previously written on the subject of apostasy in Islam and you can read the articles here (written at the request of the @CEMB_forum) and here (this article answers the question of what happens in an ‘ideal Islamic state’ and why).

Deeyah Khan is a film maker-cum-activist of Pakistani heritage. Born in Oslo, Norway after a failed career as a singer she relocated to London where she has since carved out a niche producing what some deem documentaries but many regard as thinly veiled agitprop for the “Islamic reformist” movement. Given the enthusiasm of the UK government to promote this fringe group – to which she clearly belongs – I’m sure securing funding for her production company wasn’t overly onerous. Nonetheless, I’d be curious to know who precisely has put up the money for these films.

To turn to the substance – what little of it there was – of the documentary, of course apostates face “discrimination”. If you leave any community the nature of your relationship with it will inevitably be affected. A Tory MP defecting to the Labour party might not find himself/herself/trans-genderself (wouldn’t want to ‘discriminate’) so welcome at the next Conservative party conference and vice-versa. Muslims face “social stigma” and “discrimination” in the West becuase they hold certain beliefs the majority find rebarbative. Similarly in a predominantly Muslim society it is only natural that those who hold contrarian beliefs (such as atheism) will likely face social stigma. The Bangladeshi bloggers who were hacked to death were not killed for being atheists or for leaving Islam as the documentary narrative implied but rather for their insults directed at the Prophet (saw). The number of “Islamists” that have been murdered by the secular Hassina regime completely dwarfs the handful of atheist bloggers executed by jihadist groups yet watching the documentary you’d be forgiven for thinking the opposite. And quite what any of that has to do with the situation in Britain wasn’t made clear.

Judging by the documentary Ms Deeyah Khan along with Maryam Namazie and her ‘council’ of ex-Muslims are not only demanding the right to leave Islam (a right they already have in Britain) and the right to insult its fundamental tenets and most revered figure (a right they often indulge) but curiously seem to now demand in addition, the right to a loving embrace by the Muslim community whilst doing so. Apparently a Muslim doesn’t have the right to choose who he/she associates with. To demand acceptance from those whose sanctities you delight in profaning is rather akin to insulting someone’s mother and then crying “discrimination” when they don’t invite you over for Sunday afternoon tea. Truly bizarre. It seems as though respect is a one way street for some.


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  1. Lenna says:


    I think maybe you’re a little hard on Dr. El Hamdoon. Maybe he is naive, but if he wanted to at least try to counter a misleading or dishonest campaign against Islam and Muslims, I’m grateful for his efforts.

    1. I acknowledged the good work he does, sis. But to go on to such programmes is criminally naive. They are set ups. Everyone should know that by now.

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