Europe’s Muslim Question

How can Europe integrate its Muslim citizens? Or to take the glass-half-empty perspective, do Muslims have a future in Europe?

I have to keep this succinct so let’s quickly run through the list of possible options:

  • Die Endlosung der Muslimfrage.
  • Deport them all.
  • Forcibly assimilate them (i.e. force them to adopt secularism and liberal ideals).
  • Allow them a free hand to establish semi-autonomous emirates within Europe wherein Shariah law reigns supreme.
  • Thrash out a framework that permits Muslims to remain true to their religious beliefs and ideals whilst being productive, upright and contributing members of society.

I’m kind of hoping (i) is off the menu permanently although sadly I’m sure more than a few wouldn’t mind giving it a go.

I don’t think economically (ii) is viable. Europe’s population is aging and due to low fertility rates is not being replenished. Somebody has to do the work.

As for (iii) it will result, ultimately, in a violent backlash leading to some limited form of (i) or (ii) or perhaps both.

Neither are Muslims demanding, nor will European populations tolerate (iv). Not without a war at any rate.

I humbly submit that option (v) is likely to provide the best outcome. Yes, it’s not perfect. In some ways you could compare it to living with the in-laws. Not ideal. You know they don’t really want you there, they know you don’t really want to be there but for the time being until you can afford your own place both sides need to make it work. They get a contribution to their monthly living costs, you get a roof over your head.


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