First hijabi to pose for Playboy

Picture the scenario…

In a town somewhere far away there lives a certain bibulous individual – an alcoholic if you will – who from dawn till dusk the only liquid he will consume is whiskey (or in its absence another spirit of similar strength). He continues in this way for a number of years never realising that his addiction is destroying his mind and his body. One day a well intentioned person takes pity on our alcoholic and says to him, “Here, drink this bottle of water instead of the whiskey. It will do you good.” Naturally the drunkard is reluctant and the water comes across as strange and repellent. When he does take a sip he instantly spits it out. Not detered our good samaritan decides to pour out some of the water and to add some whiskey to it, figuring the hapless drunk will only accept a concotion that tastes somewhat similar to the unadulterated whiskey to which he is accustomed. Again the same response so again our samaritan adds yet more whiskey to the water. And so the cycle continues until eventually our alcoholic begins to drink enthusiastically. “Oh yes, this is more like it! You’re right this is so much better than whiskey! Here, why don’t you join me?” Our samaritan gracefully accepts and sits down and takes a swig. It tastes good. Very soon they are both inebriated; besides them lies the empty bottle of whiskey that has been completely poured into the water…

These “moderate Muslims” are akin to the, well intentioned, good samaritan and the drunkard is the kafir to whom they wish to convey the pure message of Islam. Of course the pristine message of Islam will prove rebarbative to someone immersed in a culture of depravity and self-worship since birth. Of course most will despise and reject it in the current climate. So what? Only when Islam returns to its rightful place as the dominant ideology under the aegis of a powerful state, when people witness in practical terms the superiority of the Shariah over corrupt man-made systems, only then will the masses start to embrace the deen and recognise its beauty. For now tell Western non-Muslims plainly, “Yes our way of life and culture is radically different to yours. How can it be otherweise when they are predicated on two radically divergent premises? But know that it is you who are the ones in manifest error and it is you who need to alter your behaviour, not us.”

Have confidence in the deen that Allah (swt) sent and do not harken after the ways of the kuffar. Do not be like those who were given the Torah but spurned it, preferring the customs of the pagans in its stead. Islam and Liberalism are polar opposites and if the kuffar are pleased with your “Islam” then you should ask yourself why. If the kuffar have pop concerts there is no need for us to ape them with nasheed concerts. If their women are obsessed with making a wanton display of themselves in the name of “fashion” and “style” then we need not ape them with “Islamic” fashion shows. Islam is different. It is unique. It is superior.

As regards striking coquettish poses for magazines that have built their reputation on the promotion of immorality, under the guise of “promoting a positive message of Islam”, then it is probably the most perfect analogue to the parable I’ve expounded above. May Allah (swt) guide us all. Ameen.


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  1. Anon says:

    Heard you were going through a tough time, will make Dua. Take care of yourself akhi

    1. Salaam. Jazakallah-khair. Appreciate it.

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