Pakistan killed Fauzia Azeem aka Qandeel Baloch

Though the hands that snuffed out her young life belonged to her brother in some ways the culpability for her death is upon the heads of every Pakistani Muslim. Fauzia Azeem was the epitome of everything she was supposed not be: gamine, sassy and unflinchingly iconoclastic. Her behaviour simultaneously fascinated and horrified millions in that…

A short comment on the mindset of European terrorists

Much has been made of the dissolute lifestyles and paucity of religious knowledge of many of Europe’s current generation of terrorists. In my personal experience young Muslims who ostensibly live thoroughly Westernised lifestyles, indulging the same vices as their non-Muslim counterparts, tend to be beset by a deep sense of inner conflict, touching on depression….

A footnote on Chilcot

As I mentioned in my previous post I have no intention of poring over 2.6 million words of verbiage for the purpose of ascertaining what I already know with certitude. I have been asked in recent days why, despite its ‘vituperative language’, ‘damning indictments’ and myriad ‘lessons to be learnt’, I chose to label it…

The Chilcot report

I have neither the time nor the inclination to discuss in any great detail a long overdue 2.6 million word report that I haven’t read (nor am I likely ever to). Pundits are reporting that it is “far from a whitewash” and that it employs some “pretty damning” language. Which is all fine and dandy…

Brexit – a product of the information age

As storms go the one that arose from last Thursday’s referendum result will have to rank as the Hurricane Patricia of contemporary British political history. The trail of devastation it left in its wake included a Prime Ministerial resignation, an imploding Labour party and a paroxysm of racial/religious intolerance exceeding anything witnessed in recent decades….