From Deir Yassin to Gaza city – the incarnadine reality of Zionism.


Unlike most others in the Muslim blogosphere I have refrained from commenting too much on the unfolding massacre in Gaza. I attended last Saturday’s protest rally but as a good friend and co-protestor mentioned to me – and as I was acutely aware at the time – it was highly unlikely to have even the slightest effect on either the UK or Israeli establishments. The BBC were at pains to downplay both the recent London rallies and the reported comments of both Ed Milliband and David Cameron have made plain their fervent support for Israel’s current ravenous murder spree irrespective of the public mood on the matter. Across the pond the White House, long having exchanged any lingering remnants of morality and objectivity for the dollars of the Zionist lobby, is consumed in its condemnation of Hamas’ “barbarous” capture of an invading Israeli soldier along with coordinating the resupply logistics of said captive’s comrades.

But all of this of course was only to be expected – well at least it was for those aged 10 or above and possessed of a similar IQ. What has perhaps been most revelatory in this latest round of Israeli savagery is the increasingly open support of the Arab regimes for the Zionist entity. Long gone any pretensions of driving the occupiers into the sea. Nowadays, aside from the odd tepid statements of support for the right of the Palestinians to a homeland, there is a deafening silence emanating from the Arab capitals – at least on the public level. In private the Arab leaderships have been rather more loquacious and in this the era of internet leaks and universal information accessibility, some of what has been passing between them and their Israeli counterparts has found its way into the public domain. Whilst it may shock some for many of us it’s merely a confirmation of what we have long known i.e. that the Arab regimes are complicit in the suppression of the Palestinians and active protectors of the Zionist state. What else could explain the recent offer of Israeli military assistance to defend the Jordanian regime from a potential future Islamic State (IS) assault?

The purpose of this short comment piece is not however to decry the execrable inhumanity of Western foreign policy nor even the supine acquiescence with which it is greeted by the Arab leadership, rather it is to take issue with the bizarre, interminable quest by some Muslims to beg for justice from the very people responsible for our oppression. Was it not the United Nations which gifted the birthright of the Palestinians to the Zionists in 1948? Is it not the UN which – via the mechanism of the veto vote granted to the permanent members of its security council – suppresses condemnation of the crimes of the Zionist entity? Have not successive US and UK governments (along with most of their respective legislatures’ representatives) proven their infrangible commitment to the cause of Zionist hegemony in the middle east? Has not the duplicity of the Arab regimes now been laid bare? Is it not obvious that the Muslim ummah is united by a desire to resolve the problem of Palestine by Jihad (yes that’s the “violent jihad” variant) but is prevented from doing so by these same regimes?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not contending that it’s a completely futile effort to expose the hypocrisy and double standards immanent in Western foreign policy towards the Middle East and I applaud the efforts of those counterpoising the mainstream media narrative of a benign democracy under genocidal threat from barbarian hordes on all sides with one more accurately reflecting the sanguinary reality of the Zionist entity. I don’t deny that the aforesaid endeavours may win minor concessions that temporarily palliate the suffering; however, we must never delude ourselves into believing the permanent remedy to the problem of Palestine lies in UN resolutions or in the formation of political lobbying groups.

So what is to be done? In my humble opinion instead of more pusillanimous requests for a “more balanced foreign policy” from the very people dedicated to our continued subjugation we should instead be importuning those who have the power to remove the treacherous leaderships we have for so long been cursed with; leaderships that hate and despise their own people while fawning over their enemies. I refer to the people of power and influence in the Arab/Muslim nations and primarily the officer class of their armies. The excuse that America is all powerful and cannot be opposed is no longer valid (if ever it was to begin with) and the ongoing crises in Syria and Iraq bear ample testimony to this. The meteoric rise of IS and the success it is currently enjoying – even if it should prove transient – has proven that the US cannot effectively control world affairs from 5000 miles away. Those of us with access to the upper echelons of civil society and/or the military officer class in the Muslim lands must demand of them to do their duty and support those struggling to upend the current status quo.

As for the Zionist war criminals – the majority of the Israeli population – then Allah (swt) will soon requite them for the evil they have perpetrated these past 8 decades. They are a people their own scriptures have described as “ever hearing, but never understanding” and “ever seeing, but never perceiving.” Their hearts have been sealed and now the same fate that plagued their ancestors over the past 3000 years awaits them. Their reliance on the “superpower” of the day will not save them just as it didn’t save their ancestors some 2700 years prior:

“Woe to those who go down to Egypt [the superpower of the day] for help, who rely on horses, who trust in the multitude of their chariots and in the great strength of their horsemen, but do not look to the Holy One of Israel, or seek help from the LORD.” [Isaiah 31:1]

As Muslims we must not repeat their mistakes. Do not look to the US/UK/EU for help. Do not place your trust in United Nations’ resolutions. Rather put your trust in Allah (swt) alone. Unify around the creed of La ilaha ilallah and strive hard to replace the rule of Kufr in our lands with the rule of Islam for therein lies our victory and salvation.

May the peace and blessings of Allah (swt) be upon our beloved master, Muhammad.

Post Scriptum – As you may have noticed I didn’t bother to discuss the history or the predations of zionism for the simple reason that it serves no beneficial purpose. Ask yourself, do you honestly think they are not aware of the evil they do? Has a brigand ever responded to earnest implorations to desist or does he continue with his depredations until the day the hangman’s rope tightens around his neck?

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