A rebel’s ode…


O Bashar, you harlot’s legacy
Listen now to this, our elegy

Our children buried deep by your bombs
But still voices rasied we sing this song

As our blood flows through the streets
Not one inch shall we retreat

Though the world has turned it’s back
The lions of this Ummah do not slack

From every corner far and near
Your murderous tyranny draws them here

Today you dance and chant in joy
Know then that it is but part of the ploy

For every tyrant before his time is come
Struts mighty never thinking to be undone

The Lord of the Kursi and the Arsh
Requires your rule be turned to dust

We are His slaves, to Him we belong
To let you live would be to do Him wrong

No peace or parley do we seek
Only your head for posterity do we want to keep

Sorry Bashar but we have to say
All your Nusayri dogs will we slay

And so now the time has come to bid you farewell
Knowing that you’ll soon be joining dad in Hell


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