Lord Pearson’s speech in the House of Lords.

Read Lord Pearson’s diatribe against Islam and the Muslim community here:


Then read Lord Triesman’s response (same link, further down). I’m quoting a part of it here:

“It is not a matter, in my view, of whether people choose to live differently in their style or at a distance from others in their own communities. Personally, I have no taste for seeing communities constructed in that way—let me be quite clear about it. I prefer to live in an integrated society in which people share each other’s cultures and enjoy them. But it is also a truth that if people live that way within the law and including all laws that protect equal status of all citizens, there is no reason why those people should be subject to state intervention or trenchant language, as we have heard in the House this afternoon. People do have different lifestyles, and if they wish to live lawfully in their own communities we should at least have some modicum of respect for those facts.”

Muslim community leaders, you’re a joke. I’d rather have this Jewish fellow as my advocate than any of you!

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