Welcome (or maybe get lost)!

Hello World!

Welcome to the blog of Da Masked Avenger!

A blog about current affairs and subjects under the media focus. Slanted towards UK topics as that’s where I’m from but I will also cast my net out across the five continents and see what other news items I can drag in to write about.

Please read the disclaimer:

If you don’t like being offended or having your views challenged in a fairly robust manner then this isn’t the place for you – please leave quietly showing consideration for my neighbours. On the other hand if rigorous debating and argumentation is your cup of tea then stick around and see if I can’t entertain you with at least one controversy per month.

House Rules: Gratuitous insults towards any religion or race will not be tolerated and your post(s) will get deleted. By all means feel free to criticise a religion/race/social group but mindless insults will get binned and the bouncers will require you to leave post haste. πŸ™‚

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